When do you leave the resort?

We leave the resort at 4:00pm.

Can I make it to my ski or snowboard lesson on time?

Yes, We arrive with normal driving conditions between 8:45am to 9am.

Can you make a custom pick up or drop off?

We can not deviate from our shuttle schedule and can not offer custom pick ups and drop offs. Please stick to our schedule. We can provide custom pick ups and drop offs for a custom van rental. (see custom rental).

Where can I park my car?

Free parking at most locations, plan ahead. Hotel Deca charges for the day to park there. If you park at one of our locations that is a grocery store we ask you to park away from the front entrance giving the shoppers for the day more convenient parking. This insures good karma for you for the ski day. :)

Is there an age limit?

We accept 12 year old kids and up as long as they have parental consent, a cell phone, and are responsible young adults. We are not in the business of baby sitting.